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Maximising your Coaching and Leadership Impact programme

This is the self directed programme that will help you overcome the challenges you are currently facing and or lean into the opportunities you face.

Get all the tools, techniques, insights and templates you need to be a brilliant leader of yourself and others!

If you are interested in buying more than 10 subscriptions at any one time, so your friends, colleagues or even clients can also benefit from the great content and the associated benefits, then please make contact and we will look to arrange an appropriate discount.

Also if you take 10 or more subscriptions , we will work with you and 'sponsor' access to the programme for an individual in a deprived community somewhere in the world. This could play a huge part in your corporate and or social responsibility!

Maximise your Coaching and Leadership Impact - The Personal Touch

I am keen that you know, like and trust me before you buy into the programme. So, below is a video sharing more about me, my background, the basis of the programme and the impact I have had using the tools, techniques and approaches. It gives the personal touch. Be warned it is lengthy but well worth the time to get to know me a little more!!!

It is important for me to ensure that if you are looking to be happier and more successful at both home and work that you find a programme that will provide you with what you both want and need.

I strongly believe that by maximising your leadership and coaching impact it will both benefit you and those around you. If there are aspects missing that you would find valuable then please let me know as we can sort this for you.

The next step is therefore to take a look at the video. It is authentically me, delivered in my style and approach. It will hopefully give you comfort that I am passionate about helping individuals, that you can trust me, and that this programme will help you achieve your desired results. Ultimately it will help you make an informed decision...

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Some of the many benefits to you of the

Maximise your Coaching and Leadership Impact programme are...

  • Have more positive and impactful relationships at home and work
  • Ability to flex from being strategic to operational (and back!)
  • Having more time for yourself and your family by managing your time better
  • Reduced stress and pressure and gain a more balanced perspective
  • Improve and maintain your mental wellbeing
  • Break from old and destructive patterns and strategies
  • Gaining clarity in direction and purpose at home and in your career
  • Gain some new skills and feel nourished by the learning and difference it can make
  • Have ongoing access to great information and resources that are accessible, simple effective and will help you be a great leader and coach
These are some of the many topic areas covered to enable you to Maximise your Coaching and Leadership Impact and be happier, healthier and more successful at home and work.

There are many more resources and themes being released over the next month...

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  Systems Thinking
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Maximise your Leadership and Coaching Impact

Maximise your impact and live a healthier, happier and more successful life

A comprehensive development and support programme so you can maximise your impact at home and work and be recognised and benefit from being a great Leader and Coach of yourself and others.

Gain un restricted access to fantastic development resources whilst ever you are a member

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Still not sure if this is for you?

This is what a few people have said about the programme and what I do...

(You may also want to have a look at the Sport Stories main website where you can find out more about me, sport stories and even see the many great guests I have spoken to and that have informed the programme)

Click here to go to the Sport Stories Website

Emma Heaps
Head of Client Solutions

Dave is a great visionary and always looks for the positive in situations and people..

With his knowledge, experience and personality I have no doubt The Sport Stories Academy will make a difference to so many organisations and individuals.

I definitely would recommend Dave and the Maximising your Leadership and Coaching Impact programme to others.

I would not be who I am today without him and his support and pearls of wisdom he has passed on.

Andy Maddocks

Head of Performance Operations

Up until engaging with Dave I had struggled to get clarity on what I wanted to do next.

Dave has a great ability to know when to choose the right intervention and to find the balance of when and how much challenge or support is required.

Finally, I would not hesitate to recommend Dave to anyone who is serious about developing themselves


Diversity consultant and employee relations adviser

I would recommend Dave Levine and his Maximise your Leadership and Coaching Impact programme. He is a skilled and experienced ‘people person’ with excellent insight and good strategic instincts. I worked with him on a number of occasions, finding him both knowledgeable and supportive, with a wealth of strings to his bow.

He is truly passionate about making a difference through his work in and through sport.

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